Neeyat Episode 2

It’s dependably the hardest to really pick a word or a line to begin. What’s more, that is what’s occurring with me at this moment. I don’t know from where to begin. It’s been a while since I quit composing routinely. So I am thinking that its hard to be in total stream. Is it characteristic? Who knows? At any rate so we are discussing Neeyat’s second scene. As said in the first review.Neeyat is an exceptionally straightforward story that has been taken care of with splendid care by MJ. What baffles me the most is the way that It resembles with numerous Indian films. Keep in mind the motion picture chori choru chupke (salman khan. Rani and preity starrer) or the exceptionally old shabana azmi film in which she gets a surrogate mother for his better half. For this situation, deepti is the surrogate mother for humyun’s green card. Wah kya line mari hai meiney 🙂

Scene 2 was to build up the characters and their relationship, what I enjoyed about it was the way that It was quick paced and went straight into the improvement of the story. faisal qureshi dramas Deepti moves in with humyun saeed so they could begin their paper marriage prepare.

For some extremely odd reasons neeyat hasn’t made the sort of buzz that is constantly anticipated from Mehreen jabbar’s serial and I truly feel that the story is the genuine guilty party here. Neeyat lies on a water thin story line. I was truly baffled to see that in a MJ Serial however I figure let it be. Punch murmur her bar tareef kar saktey hain tou burai bhi ker saktey hain J I am truly not awed by Neeyat up until this point.

However the redeeming quality of this show is ending up being deepti’s acting . Deepit gets the best part of her show profession and she completes equity to it. She is regular, overflows certainty and acquires vitality her each scene; she is the genuine show stealer.

Humyun saeed doest get much degree, I trust he gets the chance to have a meatier part later, however in all trustworthiness I don’t imagine that will be the situation. I am not being judgmental but rather at times I feel that MJ will dependably make serials that are lady arranged. Also, the male characters are only there to simply add on to the story, or to put it along these lines, I generally felt that mard ka character transport isi liye hota hai key end mein everybody ought to state kay “men are puppies” I may not be right yet that is the thing that I felt when I was viewing neeyat and uncommonly the scene in which deepti converses with humyun in his porch. The exchanges, the disposition all attention on making the watchers feel negative about man

Mahira 🙂 what would I be able to say in regards to her.. She is too sweet to be said anything, however … would she say she is the treat floss of this serial for sure? Her acting is as yet awkward bohat time chahey ussey.especially when she is acting in any semblance of deepti and humyun saeed. May be her part doesn’t request that much or I figure since deepti is acting so well, she makes every other person’s acting, look less than impressive.

Or, on the other hand reh gaye humarey becharey Ahsun miya 🙂 yaar kasam say I feel so terrible for him.he has really begun to believe that he has a possibility now. Again another male bashing. Why MJ ? exactly why man? So now we realize that mahira and humyun haven’t separated however everytime ahsun will attempt to accomplish something sweet we will state, bechara, apni taraf say bohat khush hai key chalo mera chance laga 🙂 lets perceive how it goes.

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